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Welcome to health&Homeopathy !  Whether you are new to homeopathy or have been treated this way before, why not contact me for a free 30 minute phone conversation where you can ask any questions and get to know more.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

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My Journey

My journey in to homeopathy began with my young son having asthma.  We had tried every inhaler available but his symptoms just got progressively worse.  I couldn't understand how his symptoms worsened despite increasing the levels of medication.  I knew there had to be a better way.  The better way, for us, was homeopathy.  That was 14 years ago now and I have been hooked on homeopathy ever since, using it to support my children through the various childhood ailments such as teething, colds, coughs, puberty and beyond.  In 2013 I graduated from The Centre of Homeopathic Education with a B.Sc (Hons) and Licentiate to practice.  I have treated patients with a wide variety of issues such as eczema, anxiety, acne, hay fever, conjunctivitis to name but a few.

I currently practice in Ampthill, Bedfordshire & Skype

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“The greatest wealth is health”


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