Autumn Immunity

My mind often flows to immunity at this time of year, more so this year given that we are cautiously emerging from lockdown. We are more aware than ever of the coughs & colds that are out there in our environment. In any normal year we might want to give our immune system a bit of extra support and this year, most certainly.

Here's some things that I am doing to boost my immunity;

* I'm taking Echinacea in herbal form

* I'm taking vitamin D

* Lots of vegetables/fruit, fresh ginger & almonds

* Getting enough sleep & rest

* Yoga to help me keep stress levels manageable

As I walked through the park recently it was lovely to see the Rose Hip's ready to harvest. These red berries are a rich source of vitamin C & are a wonderfully timed natural solution to boosting the immune system. One cup of Rose Hip tea is roughly the equivalent to the daily recommended amount of vitamin C needed per day & there are some lovely organic brands to choose from. Well done Mother Nature! You got this!

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