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Exam Stress & Pressure

If you are living with a student or are a student yourself then you'll be familiar with the anxiety & stress that comes with exam season.

There's lots of things that we can do practically such as getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and snacking on nuts, seeds & dried fruits to keep our blood sugar levels steady.

Homeopathy can also be a great benefit to frayed nerves & to ease feelings of anxiety.

Aconite is a great remedy to take right before an exam, especially if the person is restless & feeling super anxious.

Another amazing remedy is Argent Nit, this will be needed when nervousness is present on the run up to an exam. Anticipatory anxiety will be experienced & the anxiety may make them overly chatty.

Arsenicum would be needed if there is restlessness. A need to move about a lot will be seen here. Fastidiousness will be present & also there may be waking between 12 midnight to 2am.

If eye strain is experienced from lots of reading or working at the laptop then try Ruta Grav. The eyes may feel tired, red & burning from overuse.

During exam season you can try Kali-Phos Tissue Salts everyday. These help to support against exhaustion & fatigue. They help to calm feelings of anxiety & stress too!

If you'd like some homeopathic support during exam season then get in touch & let's get chatting.

Good luck with the revision!

Happy healing x

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