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Festive Exhaustion

December is a busy month! There are presents to buy, people to visit, food to prepare, decorations to find in the attic......not to mention the work Christmas party. It can feel as though there is literally a million things to do. We put so much expectation on ourselves to get everything just perfect in time for the 25th. Phew! I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

While we are upping the personal expectation we are also facing the cold, flu & virus season. What a combination! In clinic I am seeing so many coughs, colds and sore throats. Low immunity and that feeling of not quite getting over the last cold before the next one is upon you.

There's lots we can do to boost our immunity, after all prevention is better than cure right? Along with my Autumn Immunity I am also drinking plenty of fresh ginger & lemon. I have had a cough recently which cleared up after a couple of days using homeopathic remedies. I took the remedy Causticum as I had a deep, dry hollow cough with soreness in the chest. Spongia is another wonderful cough remedy. This is for people for have a dry, tight, barking cough. The mucus is hard to raise and they may have shortness of breath. Ignatia is good for spasmodic coughs where the more the patient coughs, the more they need to cough. There will also be tickling in the throat & pit of the stomach.

Merry Christmas (and good luck finding your Christmas jumper)

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