Forget New Year, September is the time for new beginnings

September, for me, certainly feels like the start of a new beginning, more so than January does. January with its temporary resolution's of well meaning de-tox, regular visits to the gym and 'I will definitely drink more water,' promises. It makes sense that September feels like a new chapter. As children we started a new school year in September, a new school uniform, book bag & sometimes a new school. For anyone like me who has worked in a school, you can tell it's September from the smell of new pencil case & the glare of shiny black shoes. As parents we continue the tradition and often look forward to the start of the new term as the children go back to school (or maybe that's just me) & the return to a more 'normal' routine. Even those without little one's tend to wait to get the Summer out of the way before focusing on themselves. September is a time for all of us to look again towards our own self-care. Here's some things that I do towards my own self-care:

Getting plenty of sleep

Cooking from scratch & using plenty of fresh vegetables

Non-negotiable down time every day

Bullet Journalling

Making time to be creative

Spending part of day outside in nature

Taking my homeopathic remedies!

Something else that I do every day is practise gratitude. Today I am grateful for the sunny warm weather, a scented candle & leftover cheesecake.

What do you do as part of your self-care routine? Drop me an email, I'd love to hear.

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