Sun is shining, weather is sweet!

Now that we are firmly in July, Wimbledon is over and good weather is on the cards. The smell of freshly cut lawn's and BBQ's is the backdrop to any British Summer. Whilst, for many of us this is a time for some much needed R&R and topping up of Vitamin D, for many who have Hayfever, this time of year can be bitter sweet. So while the weather may be sweet, your Hayfever symptoms may not be. We have a Hayfever sufferer in our little family and we are finally at a point where I can say that Hayfever is not a problem. As a Mum, I cannot tell you how releivingly, heart-warming it is to type that and even though I know it's true, I never thought that we would reach this day. Homeopathy can be really effective for relieving the symptoms and work is often done during the cooler months in order to prepare the body for the following Summer. Some remedies that can be used for Hayfever include Allium Cepa (onion) which has symptoms that include burning sensation in the nose & eyes, watery discharge, red & irritated eyes with violent sneezing. Another remedy by comparison, Wyethia (poison weed) will be helpful for patients with an unbearable itchy palate, ears, throat and root of nose. The nose may be runny but will feel dry.

There are many different remedies used for treating Hayfever acutely and chronically during the year. Having Hayfever is miserable but it doesn't have to be this way and everyone deserves to enjoy every last bit of Summer. If you have Hayfever and would like support with the symptoms then I would love to chat about how homeopathy can help.

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