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Trips, Falls & Injuries

Other than being rather embarrassing, trips & falls are usually fairly benign. Sometimes though they can be painful & have lasting affects.

In the event of a tumble try taking Arnica as soon as possible. Arnica Montana grows in alpine area's, perfectly placed for tripping over! Try it next time you fall over or hurt yourself.

Bellis, the common Daisy, is good for injury to the deeper tissues. Use it after surgery or trauma. It's useful for repetitive strains or injuries. If you are a manual worker or an athlete with a repetitive strain injury this remedy may be helpful for you.

Hypericum is useful for injury to the nervous system. If you experience twitching, numbness or trembling this could be the right remedy for you.

A well known remedy is Calendula. This is an amazing remedy that can really speed up recovery & help prevent scars. Try it next time you are healing.

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